Necessity is now in Victoria on Vancouver Island

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Fri 10 Sep 2010 01:25
Our position is 48:25:31N 123:22:17W
Necessity is now moored in front of the Empress Hotel in central Victoria, an impressive colonial building. This is a beautiful City of some 300.000. Its appearance is very European/English. It is also the capital of British Columbia. The harbour is extremely busy, more by airplanes than by boats. Coming in there is a special guard to see that boats do not venture on to the "runway" of the seaplanes.
Coming down from Vancouver was quite an experience. We came through Active Pass, and active it was. The sailing until then was good and fast, but then we hit the current. It was against us at 7 knots so it stopped us cold. We barely made it amidst fast boats and ferries coming through. It was a bit exiting for a while. We spent the night in a very good anchorage, Montague Harbour, before setting sails towards Victoria. To catch the current Necessity was off before 6 in the morning. The reward was 3 and more knots of current pushing us along. Just before going into Victoria we were visited by a pod of Orcas. They came really close, maybe 10 meters away. It was quite a sight to see these beautiful animals up close. Lucky us.
Jan Fr. 09.09.10