Necessity has again crossed the equator

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Sun 21 Sep 2008 01:06
Our position is 00:26:0N 104:30:57E
We have just stopped for the night at a small island no more than a day-sail from Singapore. Necessity is under way from Kumai in Borneo to Batam.
Kumai River was another fantastic experience. A fair way into the jungle at Camp Leaky, we met a couple of celebrities. These are always dressed in red. They are the Orang Utangs (literally men of the forest) Kusasi and Princess. They are film stars. Kusasi's mother was shot, and he ended up in the Asian pet industry. Not the type of pet you would like to be. By a bit of luck he was rescued and sent to Camp Lekey where they specialize in reintroducing Orang Utangs to the wild. There he met Princess. She is famous simply because she is extraordinarily smart. She proved it by participating in a renown research project learning more vocabulary then some humans I have met. One day she also untied a local canoe and went paddling on the river. Against all odds Kusasi ended up as the local king (sounds better than alpha male) among the wild Orang Utangs. Both are now pensioners and live at Camp Leaky. You want to keep a little distance to Kusasi. Even in retirement he behaves like a king, an incredibly strong one. As a film star (on location here in Camp Leaky) he once grabbed Julia Roberts, which is understandable I suppose.
Princess on the other hand just came along and took us by the hand. She clearly wanted to show us the jungle feeding station.
In the jungle at Kumai we not only met these celebs. We also saw wild Orang Utangs, probuscus monkeys, silver monkeys (rare), macaques, a snake that could glide from the treetops and a croc basking in the sun along the river bank. A full service klotok (local riverboat) for four people was our base. The crew of four has spoilt us rotten - again.
Eva and Jan Fr.
S/Y Necessity
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