We are still in Saumlaki in Indonesia

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Thu 10 Jul 2008 22:57
Our position is still 07:58:83S 131:17:34E
To understand how we are doing you have to picture yourself in the Southeast Asia that you may have seen in films. There are more people in Saumlaki than you can imagine, half of them on motorbikes and 25% in uniforms (all government employees have uniforms). Beautiful dancing (and dancers) in lavish performances, but also dirt and open sewers. But most of all more smiles, hospitality and curiosity than we have seen anywhere. It is hard to get very far on foot when everyone wants to test their English skills (mostly very limited). If we try some phrases of Bahasa (Indonesian) it is even more popular and they turn into language tutors. No, we don't get very far, but we are high on this adventure and will soon be back with more.
Jan Fr.
S/Y Necessity
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