Necessity is in Puesta del Sol in Nicaragua

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Thu 28 Apr 2011 12:59
Our position is 12:37:51N 87:20:52W
Puesta del Sol is a resort, so we still do not know much about the real Nicaragua. The sail here was an easy one although we had to use the night. All the entrances here are on the difficult side, so entrance in the the dark is out of the question.
The first impression is that there are many similarities to El Salvador. There is a huge difference in affluence between the land and marina owners and the land workers. It should of course come as no surprise. People are, however, smiling and very helpful to us strangers.
The time in El Salvador was, I think, well spent. We visited San Salvador, the capital, on Easter friday for the religious parade. It was religious all right. but also commercial. The procession was winding its way through one big market. The roads were taken up by huge, colorful decorations on every street - made out of colored salt. Artwork for the day.
We also made it to the local villages and one of the local volcanoes. It was nice getting up to 1500 meters. Down at sea level the temperature is constantly sweaty. Up at the mountain it was just right. And the village up there was really colorful.
jfm 28.04.11