Necessity is in St. Barbe in Newfoundland

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Tue 2 Jul 2013 01:08
Our position is 51:12:22N 56:46:36W
We were supposed to get away early in the morning today, but the fog was thick and it was blowing really hard. With possible icebergs out there the early departure was called off. The fog lifted a little after noon, and we were off for a very good sail. We did 40 nautical miles in 5-6 hours, and here we are in St. Barbe next to a big ferry which came in from Labrador. The anchorage is good and so is the weather forecast for tomorrow. We will be off early to get to l'Anse aux Meadows by midday. Right now we are enjoying a small firework on the beach. This is Canada day, the national holiday.
Jan Fr. 01.07.13

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