Necessity is in Warwick Yacht Club in Newport News, Virginia

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Fri 24 May 2013 11:47
Our position is 37:05:14N 76:31:30W
And it couldn't be a better place. On a few occasions we have visited private yacht clubs were we are treated like old friends - and maybe more than that. Warwick Yacht Club is one of those places. Allan DeWall has bent over backwards to help us. For us, these are places to remember, and places where we make lasting connections. Warwick Yacht Club is also a beautiful place with very good facilities. Necessity has always been a lucky boat.
Hopefully we are now close to the end of shallow water sailing. The Intracoastal has been very good, but running aground is unfortunately part of it. The sand and the mud shifts, and the charts and the markers are no good. We have had to pass on the wrong side of some of them. The good news is that you do not hit rocks. It may be mud or in the worst case it is sand. Then, with a bit of luck you can wriggle free. We have been saved by our bow thruster more than once. From here on, however, we are going "coastal" up to Canada.
Ps Right now Tom, Anne Brith, Eva and I are in Washington DC. Next stop will be New York.
Jan Fr. 24.05.13

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