Necessity is in Recife

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Fri 9 Nov 2012 20:56
Our position is 08:04:20S 34:52:36W
This was not an easy trip. When it comes to sailing hard on the wind in unfavorable conditions it is up there with part of the Philippines and just behind the Bashing Straight up to Japan. Salvador to Recife is infamous for difficult conditions, and I think we used the only weather window available in the near future. Even so we had to contend with not only the wind but two knots of current going the other way, at times with pretty lumpy seas. Total distance sailed was approx. 540 nm, always hard on the wind. Again I am amazed how well Necessity handles the really difficult conditions. She truly is an "all weather boat".
>From Recife on it will hopefully be much easier with tradewinds nearly all the way to the Caribbean.
And how was the arrival in Recife? The best marina wouldn't have us after we navigated some shallows to get there. The other marina is, sad to say, a dump, but the people there are very nice. I will be back with more from Recife once we have been to town.
jfm 09.11.12

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