Necessity is in Itaparica

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Thu 25 Oct 2012 09:47
Our position is 12:53:24S 38:41:28W
It is a beautiful morning here on the southern shore of the Bahia. The sun is up and there is a little breeze. The temperature in the water is close to 28 degrees celcius. The village is of the nice little Brazilian type. The rest of the crew is still asleep. I am alone with my coffee.
In a few hours we are headed across to the northern shore. We will leave Necessity in a marina there and take the bus to Parque Nacional da Capada Diamantina. It is said to be a grand landscape which also used to hold deposits of diamonds. We will be there to hide and to climb small mountains. It seems we will sleep out in the bush. It is the price I have to pay to have these fairly young, outdoors people with me. Hopefully I will be back on Monday. Then we will get Necessity ready for our trip up the coast to Recife and Ilha de Fernando de Noronha.
jfm 25.10.12

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