Necessity is at Block Island in Rode Island state

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Sun 9 Jun 2013 14:55
Our position is 41:11:02N 71:34:60W
We became stuck in Thimble Islands. The weather turned outright bad with a huge rainfall, high winds, water sprouts etc. Our anchorage was good, so only our patience suffered. It was actually a nice relaxed day for reading and writing.
Fortunately today has been really good with fast sailing up Long Island sound and out in the ocean to Block Island. This is a little, typical, New England community that swells during the summer months. The island has a huge lagoon, so anchoring is not a problem. A walk along narrow roads even found us a grocery store. We needed that to stock up on bread and other foods. Tomorrow we will sail up to Martha's Vineyard, the place for the rich and famous - and us.
Jan Fr. 08.06.13

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