Necessity is in Marina Puerto los Cabos

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Tue 25 Jan 2011 14:05
Our position is 23:03:79N 109:40:60W

We are in a brand new marina - not quite finished. Apparently it has been "not quite finished" for quite some time. The rates does not reflect that fact. It is the highest we ever paid anywhere - US$90 per day. We are here because the marina in the more famous Cabo san Lucas a little to the west is US$152 per day.
The price reflects the fact that another yacht in the marina has a helicopter where most people keep a life raft. The trouble, our problem, is that there are no other marinas in the neighborhood. We have decided to stay here for two days.

We are now well south of the Tropic of Cancer. I would have expected the weather to be warm. Not quite. I just considered starting the heater onboard Necessity. It will, however, be warm once the sun is up.

The trip down here was nice though we got a spell of fairly strong winds. It was the first time since we left San Diego that reefing has been necessary. Other than that the whales and the dolphins are still quite active. Above, frigate birds and pelicans are more common than sea gulls.

Bronwyn and Eva says hello,
Jan Fr.