Kioa, Fiji

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Thu 31 May 2007 05:30
Our position is 16:40:24S 179:54:23E
We are currently in Kioa, a small island south east of Vanua Levu. Another fantastic pacific island, this time inhabited by Polynesian's that moved here from Tuvalu in 1947. They live according to their Polynesian traditions using outrigger canoes (Pau-pau's)and making their traditional handicraft (beautiful).
We came here from Viani Bay, a very Fijian settlement. Different from Kioa, but tremendously friendly and fun to be with. We are now getting used to Kava (Yanqoni in Fijian). The problem of sitting on a mat with our feet politely crossed for a couple of hours remains.
Our only frustration: We have completed a new section on our website, but there are no internet facilities on these islands. Publication simply has to wait.
Eva and Jan Fr. 31.05.07
ps We are available on phone, see our website

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