Necessity is in Narsarsuaq in Greenland

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Sun 21 Jul 2013 21:58
Our position is 61:08:65N 45:26:07W
You think the name is a bit complicated? Take comfort from the fact that we are not in Ittoqqortoortmiit. Yes, it is a real place, Scoresbysund in Danish.
Necessity has now been in Greenland for 12 days, most of them in Paamiut. Hans-Jacob had to go home for a wedding, so I was alone for about a week. That made me quite fond of Paamiut with the excellent Danish bakery and the good stores - and of course the very nice people. After a while the American boat, Paragon, with Monique, Drake and Aena onboard came in. Sorry if the last name is not correctly spelled. Aena is a very nice Irish boy, but I am unfortunately not into Gaelic names. I had a lot of fun with the crew of Paragon learning about filming from a quadrocopter. They did get some spectacular footage.
Two days ago we got a forecast with a deep low and gale force winds from the south. To go or not to go? After some deliberations we decided to go south, fast, ahead of the gale. It worked fine, and that is why we are now hiding deep in a Greenland fjord behind a good quay. This is also the location of the major airport is in south Greenland. Across the fjord is Brattalid. In Brattalid there was a Norse settlement from 800 something until 1500, in other words it was established by the Vikings. There are still some ruins, and there is a small museum. Right now it blows too much to go across, but tomorrow we will probably go in one of the small ferries that run across. It is interesting coming here from l'Anse au Meadows. Going from Brattalid to l'Anse au Meadows must have been something the Vikings did quite regularly.
It is still today an interesting area. The local glaciers calve into the fjords, and occasionally there are significant amounts of ice. It is not a problem in this fjord, but coming into Narssaq the other day, we actually had to turn around. Not a problem, there are many options. Today has been brilliant. The sun is shining from a cloudless sky over a greenish fjord with brilliant white icebergs and snowcapped mountains. Right now we are getting ready to go up to the airport hotel. We expect a good meal and some WiFi so that this blog can be posted.
Jan Fr. 21.07.13

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