Necessity is en route to Mar del Plata in Argentina

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Wed 25 Jan 2012 10:18
Our position is 39:08:00S 59:53:00W
It is 07:00 in the morning. We have 68 miles to go to Mar del Plate.
The wind did finally turn up - 35 knots from the south. That made it more lively. Suddenly we were making more than 7 knots, and soon we were really "rolling" along. We are in the shallows at 90 meters or so, and there are currents. The sea came up and tossed us around. By now, the next morning, it is enough, and I do expect it to calm down a little. At leas the wind is now down to 20 knots. It is time to look at the sail configuration again.
Do we get in to night? It is still open, but likely. Besides Mar del Plata is one harbour where it it possible to enter in the dark.
More when we are in.
jfm 25.01.12