Necessity is under way to Puerto Montt - 675nm to the entrance

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Thu 17 Nov 2011 13:27
Our position is 39:45:00S 88:30:00W
Murphy works at sea as well. One version is that fronts always pass at night, most likely with no moon.
We knew from the weather forecast that one was coming last night. We thought it would be with us before nightfall. Not so. It waited until it was thoroughly dark before it hit. It was the kind with the wind switching from 20 knots from the north to 30 knots from the south-south-west in less than a minute.
When it happened it went like clockwork onboard, but it kept both of us awake for awhile. Sleep is a treasured commodity with only two onboard.
Well, progress is good. It now blows 23 knots gusting close to thirty. That is not a problem with the wind aft of the beam. The sea is not bad for being almost in the "roaring forties". The only irritant is a one knot counter current.
If the wind holds we will be in the fjords of Chile in 4-5 days.
Jfm 17.11.11