Necessity is at Calet Yvonne, Punta Estacion

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Thu 22 Dec 2011 12:21
Our position is 48:39:83S 74:19:31W
Coming here was a simple little jump towards Puerto Eden. We will be in this metropolis of 250 people later today. It is the biggest place in this part of the country. There is not much of a competition. Yesterday we saw not a single house and only one boat early in the day. This is a huge, empty space.
Necessity is again anchored in a beautiful little bay. There are multiple streams providing the background music. The water is milky due to the nearby glacier. The landscape is green covered by bushes and a few small trees. The hunt for a Christmas tree is on, or rather, there are negotiations with regard to size. Hans-Jacob wants it big, I want it small. Bjarte is the mediator.
I will post more once we have acquired something.
You may think that it is odd celebrating Christmas at the hight of summer in these southern latitudes. Not at all. Yesterday provided fresh snow only a few hundre meters up the slopes. It was very scenic and quite "Christmasy".
I can also report that last night we managed to tie a couple of lines to the shrubbery without taking a swim. That is a significant improvement. It is a challenge to dry lots of clothes in a small boat.
A Merry Christmas to all back home, two and four legged alike.
Till tomorrow,
Jan Fr. 22.12.11