Necessity is in San Juan del Sur

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Tue 3 May 2011 12:40
Our position is 11:15:32N 85:52:65W
This is our last stop in Nicaragua. Costa Rica is next.
We came from Puesta del Sol overnight two days ago. Puesta del Sol was quite an odd place. It was a beautiful resort set up for lots of people. As far as I could see there were none. In the marina there appeared to be only one other inhabited boat which was rumored to belong to the owner. The dining hall was set up for at least a hundred people. The tables were laid, but never used. A few people visited the bar/restaurant at the beach house. We were told that more boats would come in over the weekend. Outside the resort, and on the other side of a high fence, there were an ordinary Nicaraguan village. Dirt road, smiling people, cows, horses and dogs. Well, not quite ordinary. This is also a surfing place. It is home to the Boom, a surfing wave of increasing fame. That means lots of young surfers. Many of them had an admirable community spirit and helped out in the local clinic. There was also a small surfing resort. The surfers kept a few local restaurants happy. Prices? A be
er was half a dollar.
San Juan del Sur is a different place. It is a genuine Nicaraguan holiday town with a few foreign tourists thrown in. The setting is beautiful. It blows constantly, which is good. It keeps us cool after a permanent sticky heat. Again the surfers dominate among the tourists. There are also a handful cruising boats, some passing through, some on a more permanent bases.
We will be off in a few days.
jfm 03.05.11