Necssity is in Caleta Apalasouth of Puerto Eden

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Sat 24 Dec 2011 20:45
Our position is 49:32:07S 74:23:98W
We have a Christmas bush with lights (no space for a tree), some presents, some aquavite and "pinnekjoett" (dried rib of lamb). Norwegian Christmas music on the player. It is definitely Christmas. It is Christmas despite the lack of snow.
We are in a deserted cove. The canal outside is the main thoroughfare in these parts. Traffic is, however, limited. At 1730 there hasn't been a singe boat so far today. It is a special feeling and lots of time to think about the folks back home. At the time of writing they are having their typical Norwegian Christmas food (rib of lamb, rib of pork, turkey if you are a bit more modern and even Cod).
We wish them all a Merry Christmas - God Jul der hjemme!
jfm 24.12.11