Necessity is in Prince Rupert, Canada

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Wed 26 May 2010 16:26
Our position is 54:19:19N 130:19:19W
Hans-Jacob, Lise and Jan Fr. is on board.
We stayed last night in Foggy Bay just north of the border to Canada. The entrance is very narrow and quite shallow. No other human activities for miles and miles. Huge spruce trees cover the shoreline with a few meadows in between. There, in one of the meadows, a black bear. A couple of small shadows among the trees. Are there cubs?
The next morning mother and cubs were all out, looking at us as we left the bay. An eagle flew over head. Alaska is still Alaska.
We crossed the border and the patch of open sea which separates Alaska and British Columbia. The weather was brilliant and nothing really changed. There are still huge forests, sounds and islands.
And there is Prince Rupert. According to the guide book, customs is 24/7. In a way it is. We checked in by telephone to customs in Montreal, a few thousand miles away. We have now checked out of the US and into Canada, both by phone. I probably shouldn't tell anyone.
Jan Fr.