Necessity in Vanua Balavu in the Lau Group

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Thu 7 Jun 2007 22:02
Our position is 17:13:41S 178:58:14W
We are just outside a small village called Daliconi, and we are the only boat. That is a bit unusual since with tend to sail in company with other boats. We do, however, expect Diva (Brazilian) and Christina (Swedish) in around noon.
Yesterday we went into the village with our Sevusevu (gift) of Yangoni (Kava) to see the Chief. It is in his power to turn us away, in which case we would have to leave within the hour. That would have been disappointing after tacking against the wind for 55 nautical miles. No such thing. Even if the Chief was ill we were well received by his son. After a fairly long ceremony in Fijian, he accepted our gift and made us welcome. Then here we go again, drinking Kava and ceremoniously clapping before and after emptying the "bilo" (cup). And surprise, surprise: Kava tastes a little less revolting each time. I expect we shall take some home and have Kava ceremonies when we get visitors (or maybe not).
We now look forward to cruising this very large atoll and meeting more of the locals. You really couldn't meet nicer people.
Jfm 08.06.07
ps We are difficult to reach other than by Iridium. There are few places covered by telephone, and we haven't seen internet for a couple of weeks.

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