Necessity is in Kiska in Alaska

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Sun 19 Jul 2009 10:24
Our position is 51:58:22N 177:32:35E
We know where we are, but we don't know the time or even what day it is. Coming into the bay where we are anchored we were greeted by noisy sea lions protesting the presence of humans. Normally this island is deserted. Tomorrow we will try and find out if we are on Alaska time, in which case this is Saturday. We are quite used to Saturday, since it was Saturday yeasterday as well.
It has been a fast crossing from Japan. 1950 miles in less than 13 days is good when you have to zigzag between lows popping out of Japan or the Kurills. It was a bit wet at times, and a stanchion was bent when one of our solar panels was hit by a wave. Otherwise it was fine. Fine, but cold. Even if 52 degrees north is not dramatic, the Aleuts are semi arctic. Thank god for the heater. It has been running since trhee days out. Did I mention that this is a beautiful place with a snow capped mountain?
Tomorrow we will explore the island. Later on we will give you a more detailed report.
Jan and Katherine on Necessity has had a "snaps" in selebration of our passage.
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