Necessity is in Egersund

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Fri 23 Aug 2013 17:37
Our position is 58:27:18N 06:00:01E
We are now definitely on our way home, but we are now stuck in Egersund due to weather. There is a fairly heavy blow from the east, and going around the southernmost outcrops of Norway would not be comfortable. It is also an area renowned for difficult sea states when it blows, so we sit here and wait. It is not a bad place to wait though. The harbour is outstanding, the marina facilities are good and we have shops and restaurants within walking distance. It is also a pretty little town.
Bergen is another pretty, though not so little town. Bergen was where Necessity's official homecoming was marked. As it were one of our friends had called Norwegian national broadcasting. Fortunately we arrived to the tune of a nice little breeze, so Necessity arrived in style. We appeared first on live local radio, and later on the main Norwegian TV news. That was far more than expected, but I think the radio and television people did a very good job. A special thanks to all our friends who made our homecoming special from Marstein to Krokeide and in Bergen. And the cakes! And the "buekorps" drummers. What a fantastic homecoming. We consider moving to Bergen.
Jan Fr. 23.08.13

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