Necessity is at Isla da Cotio near Paraty

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Wed 19 Sep 2012 21:25
Our position is 23:13:55S 44:38:45W
I am back onboard for the next leg. Necessity was laid up in Paraty for four months, but we are now back en route, on our way first to Rio and then up the coast. The exact schedule will follow later. Necessity will be in the Caribbean by the end of November.
Eva had to stay at home this time, but I have some nice company onboard. With me is Hanna and Per-Eirik, both veterinarians and ardent outdoors people. My job is to teach them to sail, something I look forward to.
It was good to see Necessity again. She has been our home for more than seven years, and a very trustworthy companion. They had treated her well in Paraty.
We are now in a small anchorage ready to cross over to Isla Grande. Eva and I have been there before we went home in late May.
Isla da Cotio is a beautiful island with an excellent anchorage. It is pretty hot though, so we dive into the sea at regular intervals. What suffering. Per-Eirik is fishing, and after one decent fish we are halfway to dinner.
I will be back with more in a few days.
jfm 19.09.12

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