Necessity is in the Thimples in Connecticut

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Fri 7 Jun 2013 00:01
Our position is 41:15:04N 72:45:24W
Necessity are among small islands off the Connecticut coast. The place is quite idyllic, but the islands are private property. Not that we need to go ashore. The anchorage is protected from the east. We expect some wind during the night, but more rain than wind. To morrow we plan to go to New London on the Thames river(!). It is not far, but the weather may be rather dismal. Time will show.
We, Hans-Jacob, Lise and I got to Thimble from New Jersey via Eatons Neck Lagoon, a very good anchorage indeed. We could not go ashore there either, not due to people, but birds. This was a strict sanctuary with a coast guard station thrown in for protection. The coast guard was probably looking after us rather than the birds. It was a fantastic protected anchorage. In it was another Norwegian boat, "Erika Parker". We don't see many of those in these waters. Bjørnar and Hilde are headed for Canada and home. Their plan is go direct from St. Johns, Newfoundland to Iceland, while we are going up to Labrador to cross to Greenland. It was a nice young couple that spent a few hours onboard Necessity last night.
Leaving New Jersey two days ago we sailed around Manhattan, up east river through Hells Gate to Lang Island Sound. The city scape is truly impressive and the current strong. We assume it can at times be even stronger at Hells Gate. The only sad thing about the trip was that Eva has now gone Home to Norway. She had no wish to go to Greenland, but a strong wish to go home to our daughter and grandchildren.
Jan Fr. 06.06.13

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