Necessity is in Bimini (Alice Town)

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Sun 31 Mar 2013 09:45
Our position is 25:43:33N 79:17:93W
.but we don't really need the bimini. It is still cold due to the cold fronts, but the wind is finally shifting to the east. The latter is important, because you can't cross the 3 knot Gulf Stream in a northerly wind. The forecast for the day is slightly from the south, so we will cross to Florida today.
the sail up here was fairly good. With the wind to the north we crossed the Yellow Bank going east. Then as the wind shifted to the north east we eased north towards the Elbow Bank. Even so, in the end we had to motor a bit as the wind died down.
What is all this about Banks? The Bahamas are full of Banks, extremely shallow areas. You get used to sailing fast in 3,5 meters of water. You do not get used to sailing fast in 2,5 meters when you draw 1,9. How I long for deep water!
I have previously mentioned the currents in the Bahamas. I assume that it is a consequence of the shallow banks and major ocean currents. Coming into Alice Town I didn't quite realize the 3 knot current running across the docks. The dock master didn't try to tell me either - he turned out to be less than sober. Anyway, we ended up pinned hard to some wooden pilings with 3 knots pressing sideways. Not a good situation, but Jon and Arne made a very good job of keeping our fenders between the piles and Necessity. How to get out again? Some help, the bow truster, and some quick line work by my friends, and we finally pivoted into our slot.
Two minutes later a German boat trying to get out was pinned on to the same piles.
jfm 31.03.13

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