Necessity is in Sand Point

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Mon 10 Aug 2009 03:38
Our position is 55:20:04N 160:29:83W
We had a very easy sail over to Sand Point. Sand Point is another fishing harbour, although not as big as Dutch Harbor. As we get further east, the islands are slowly turning more green. Here there even are some bushes. We are now along the Alaskan peninsula, so maybe the islands are more protected.
The community is a nice one, although the local bar is known to be a bit rowdy. The local fishermen came in yesterday with a lot of salmon, so got a delicious sockeye. Even this crew could not make a bad meal out of that one.
We will probably stay away from the bar and prepare for our trip along the peninsula to Geographic Bay. It is known for bears and salmon. We got some special bear deterrent spray. A gun may have been more effective, but the spray is what we got.
SY Necessity with Katherine and Jan Fr. onboard. Eva will be back in Kodiak.
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