Necessity is in Dutch Harbour

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Mon 3 Aug 2009 18:35
Our position is 53:52:61N 166:33:125W
We checked in after an easy trip from Nikolski. The sailing was not exiting with very little wind. The engine has now been running for a considerable time destroying the very good statistics between Japan and Kiska. If the sailing was not exciting, the wildlife is. There seems to be as many eagles here as there are seagulls. Looking out of the porthole right now I can see a tree. The tree is dead (there are not supposed to be trees here) and consequently has no leaves. It compensates by having four bold eagles resting on its branches a little like owls. People have stopped taking notice.
Coming around the island of Unalaska we got into the main highway of the Humpback migration. Mostly there were spouts and dorsal fins, but one whale in particular wanted to show off. It breached entirely out of the water, a fantastic sight. Alas the camera was not ready. It then proceeded to wave its tail and hitting the water repeatedly. By that time the camera was firing away. Documentation will follow on our regular web site.
We are now legally checked into the US. A representative of Homeland Security came down to the dock and effectively, and with a smile, did the paperwork. She was back later with our cruising permit issued at a very nominal fee. Then is was off to the supermarket. American supermarkets are hard to beat, even in a small place like Dutch Harbour/Unalaska.
Alaska is proving to be very good! Why are there hardly any cruising boats coming this way?
SY Necessity with Katherine and Jan Fr. onboard. Eva will be back in Kodiak.
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