Necessity is now in Kuchi on the Island of Shikoku in Mainland Japan

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Mon 15 Jun 2009 11:53
Our position is 33:30:43N 133:33:92E
We have made a substantial jump north.
Do you think you know Japan and the Japanese? A somewhat reserved and formal people? We are getting a different picture. Sure there are rules, but first of all there is hospitality and a liking for a good meal and a good party. And of course there are the gifts. You have to be cautious to indicate a liking for something belonging to your host. He may easily feel obliged to give it to you. But first of all we are received as treasured guests by very friendly people. We are not the first boat regretting our limited timeframe. Some boats simply get "stuck" for a year or two, but Necessity has to press on north.
In Kuchi we were met offshore. Our friend in Okinawa, Kunio Ishikawa, has mobilized his own sailing friends along the coast of Japan. Here in Kuchi they wanted to be absolutely sure that we found the right way in - to our berth and the welcoming committee consisting of the majority of local yacht club members. Then it was out to lunch. After that it was Customs - again. There is always customs, often more than once in each port. They are friendly and charge nothing, but a bit of a hassle. Sailing tourists are few and far between, and a boat is a boat. We are going through the same paperwork as a big container ship.
A special thanks to our contact people. In Amami it was Yasuo Kasai. In Kuchi it is Shinichiro Yamasaki. They are ceaseless hosts, interpreters, guides - and friends.
Jan Fr. and Eva
S/Y Necessity
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