Necessity is in False Creek, Vancouver

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Sun 5 Sep 2010 16:52
Our position is 49:16:19N 123:07:12W
Necessity is anchored in the middle of Vancouver. The water is quite clean, the parks are very good and the skyline is quite stunning, not least at night. It is quite an anchorage in a very nice city.
I was lucky to get a local Canadian to come along from Comox. Mike Perry is originally a Brit who settled here many years ago. On the way he also tried Norway. We visited a few nice anchorages on the way - there is no shortage along the BC coast. Mike and I share quite a few interest, so there were no shortage of topics to be discussed either. The weather was perhaps a little too good, and again there was too much motoring.
I am now waiting for Jon Ziesler, an old school mate to come and sail with me down to San Francisco. We will, however, first explore Vancouver and the local islands. More on that later.
Jan Fr. 05.09.10