Necessity went vine tasting in Napa Valley

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Fri 22 Oct 2010 15:48
Our position is 38:13:24N 122:18:81W
...and Necessity came here on her own keel. A lot of rivers around San Francisco Bay are navigable, so we are now in Napa Valley Marina. There is a Vineyard across the road and access is easy to dozens more. We have tested a few of the rivers and we are going to test quite a few of the vines too. You can spend weeks exploring both vines and rivers.
If you are into politics you can take the boat to Sacramento too. That is if you are not busy sailing in the bay or visiting towns and cities around it. The sailing here is very good, but the strong currents make it a bit challenging. It is interesting also that we share this very urban bay with seals, sea lions and bird life. At pier 39 not all floats are available for boats. Some are occupied by large and somewhat scary sea lions.
Since the previous posting Jon has left the boat and is back in Norway. He is a good companion and sailor, and we had a lot of fun.
Four days after he left, Eva arrived together with Fredrik and Amanda (son and daughter in law). It is fantastic that a big chunk of the family could meet up here in the San Francisco area.
Next week we are headed south towards LA, the Cannel Islands and San Diego. More sun, more wildlife and we hope interesting places to visit. Mexico is waiting after that.
jfm 22.10.10