Necessity is in Kuchin on Borneo...

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Sun 8 Mar 2009 08:20
Our position is 01:35:17N 110:26:59E
...and as close to Kuchin as you get if you have a mast. We are actually outside the little village of Sejinckat halfway up the river. So far we have not even checked in, but no one seems to care. The locals are as nice as Malays normally are, and the kids are particularly welcoming. We have a tough program tomorrow with immigration, customs, orangutangs, broboscis and a traditional village. There are lots of other stuff to do here, like a hike in the jungle or a walk in town.
Bjarte, Arne, Johan and Jan Fr. is still on board. Eva is scheduled to join again in the Philippines.
We will keep you posted as we go.
S/Y Necessity
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