Necessity is anchored in the jungle

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Thu 21 Apr 2011 11:38
Our position is 13:15:78N 88:29:36W
We came through the surf early in the morning with a local "panga" leading the way. No one should try this on their own. It was dramatic with breaking waves on sand banks all around us. It took close to one hour to get all the way into the "estuary" (no river, just a tidal zone). Another 1-2 hours and we were anchored in the jungle. There is a resort here, and they have all the facilities for checking people into El Salvador. And they are affective! The entire procedure took approx. 30 minutes where the Mexicans were spending hours. The resort also has a nice restaurant, a swimming pool, fuel dock etc. It is nice, although we are a little concerned about the biting bugs during sun set and sun rise. We will stay for some days, and we will probably visit the capital San Salvador. After that we are headed for Costa Rica via Nicaragua.
jfm 21.04.11