Necessity is in Codroy in Newfoundland

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Thu 27 Jun 2013 10:41
Our position is 47:52:81N 59:23:87W
We have not moved far. Port aux Basque was a nice little town. It reminded me of some fishing towns along the Norwegian coast, though the houses are definitely smaller here. People are ever so friendly, and they must be the most helpful we have ever met. We used the hotel, St. Christopher's, like it was our yacht club. We did have breakfast and dinner there and spent much of the day sorting out issues on the internet. We had to use the hotel since our Rogers broadband proved to have very poor coverage in Newfoundland. In the meantime people in the local Bell dealership worked hard to get us over to their network. Bell normally does not take customers without a Canadian credit card, but In the end they did sort that one out. Now the coverage appears to be first class along the coast.
We left Port aux Basque a little before 1600 with 28 miles to go. By now we are getting pretty far north so the sun sets at 2130. It doesn't get that dark. Whether we can go on tomorrow depends on the weather. At the moment the winds blows straight down the strait of Belle Isle with choppy seas. It is supposed to turn easterly, then southerly, so we wait. We would also like to go without too much fog because part of the strait has a pretty hefty population of ice bergs. It would be good to see them, and not hit them.
Jan Fr. 26.06.13

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