Necessity is in Geoge Town (the road stead)

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Sun 24 Mar 2013 22:16
Our position is 23:30:58N 75:45:60W
The sail from Conception to George Town was fast, 40nm in six hours of beam reach. We got through the shallows leading in to George Town without any problems. George Town was an essential stop:
1. Jon's wife, Astri, was coming
2. We were out of money and propane gas, and most of our food was gone. Rum Cay had very little, and Conception nothing.
So far we have gotten everything except propane. A big welcome to Astri. She is going to look after us "boys". Hopefully the propane will materialize tomorrow morning. In the meantime we are heating water for our essential morning coffee on the grill. It is not fast, but it works.
It is blowing quite hard in the anchorage. That is not a problem. On the contrary, it keeps our batteries well charged. Going from the boat to the shore is, however, like taking a shower. When we get across we are soaked - and salted.
Finally, but very important: In 1997 we came to George Town direct from Cuba. At that time Cuba was simply short of food. When we landed we went straight to a bar and had a big hamburger. We will never forget. As far as I can see the bar is still here - and the hamburger is still good.
jfm 24.03.13

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