Necessity is in l'Anse aux Meadows in Newfoundland

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Wed 3 Jul 2013 00:24
Our position is 51:36:11N 55:31:69W
We didn't get away from St. Barbe that early. We waited for the ferry to leave ahead of us. It was a beautiful day along the strait of Belle Isle. We are glad it was, for this can be a challenging stretch of water where the strait meets the Atlantic. Despite being just 52 degrees north it has an arctic feel. First we saw a couple of icebergs, but they were far away. Then we met a large pod of dolphins coming towards us, with a dozen or so always in the air. I have seen that before, but only in the tropics. It is probably a kind of hunting behavior. It's an impressive sight, but they just passed us and were gone. Then a humpback whale got quite close, again an impressive sight although it did not go tail up. It just blew and rolled into the deep. After that we got quite close to the first decent size iceberg. They are a beautiful sight. We rounded Cape Norman and now we are in l'Anse aux Meadows. It is all about Vikings. Apart from the Ingstad excavations they have built typical Viking houses at a nearby site. They also have a fairly large "knarr", ie a Viking ship. We are now moored at a little local floating dock which is very convenient.
This is probably going to be our jump-off place for Greenland, so we are studying weather and ice chart.
Jan Fr. 02.07.13

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