Necessity is at Pr do Pouso on Islan Grande

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Sat 22 Sep 2012 21:41
Our position is 23:09:41S 44:08:33W
Eva and I have been here before - in May. Being back, it is considerably cooler, but still pleasent. Approx. 20 degrees in the sea and a little more in the air. Perfect for hiking on the jungle trails. We just came back from a nice hike to the little settlement of Abraao. The trail goes up to to 100 meters, down to the next bay, up to 200 meters down again and so on. It is good exercise. On the way we saw a few small monkeys playing around, but we do not know what they are called. We will find out. Tomorrow we will trek across to the north side of the island - the ocean side. There are supposed to be some very good beaches, so we may go for a swim in the surf.
After that we will watch for a good weather window to Rio, possibly on Monday or Thuesday. If we are lucky we will meet Fredrik who is scheduled to be there on a business trip.
jfm 22.09.12

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