Necessity is under way to Easter Island - 960nm to go

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Wed 26 Oct 2011 15:10
Our position is 16:42:00S 95:50:00W
It has been some good going lately with average speeds of 7 knots or thereabout. The weather has been so and so with lots of heavy rain at night. The squall effect has not be very strong, however, probably because water and air are still relatively cold.
We did catch a very nice tuna a couple of days ago. Half of it is now gone in what was a very nice meal.
We were also visited onboard by one of those swallow like birds that hunts for insects on the ocean. We see them all the time. They never land on water, and are known to sleep while they are flying. This one had problems, however, and very much needed to land. It preferred the saloon and the fore peak. It did actually sing a little before disappearing. This morning it was found dead. This was also what we expected. They do not come aboard unless there is something wrong.
We are getting closer to Easter Island. ETA is next Tuesday, though the wind and the weather decide.
Jfm 26.10.11