We are in Malakula, Vanuatu

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Mon 24 Sep 2007 21:53
Our position is 16:20:30S 167:45:42E
We are again back to nature. The people of Banam Bay on Malakula live according to their old "Kastom" with dances and magic. The costumes are colourful though minimalistic. It is even more traditional than on Tanna and entirely fascinating. Some "kastom" has fortunately disappeared, although a few days ago the old chief Seito (83) suddenly grabbed my arm, looked at me at said: "You know, 50 years ago you would have made a very nice steak". It is more than likely that he knew was he was talking about. They are fortunately now quite gentle people.
A few days we met some other very gentle creatures when we were swimming with the Dugongs on Epi. Dugongs are a kind of manatee and quite rare. This is the mating season and a pair of them swam together in a kind of tranquil dance. They were oblivious to my presence.
We will come back with a full report in English on our web site at a later stage.
Jan Fr. and Tore (Eva is home in Norway)
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