Necessity is at Sandy Spit

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Thu 7 Mar 2013 18:32
Our position is 18:27:01N 64:42:64W
If any place I have been gives a feeling of the south sea, this is it. A small sandy island with a bit of shrubbery and two palm trees. 360 degrees of sandy beach. I good place to relax and wait for weather.
Because the weather is odd. We have north-westerlies. I didn't think that could happen here where the trade winds rule. Since we are going west-north-west to meet Arne at Turks and Caicos, we'd rather see the wind shift a bit. I am waiting for a new weather forecast right now.
Coming up was mostly quite good, but the said wind did hit us one day out. That meant 24 hours hard on the wind. No problem, but not too comfortable either.
We sailed into Sopers Hole very early in the morning yesterday. There we did some provisioning, got some news from home and almost immediately set course for Cooper Island. Today we did a hop over to the Baths - one of the most scenic beaches in the world. It is still scenic, but there were just to many people for this tiny place. They ration the number of boats allowed to visit at one time, but that does not help much when people are bussed in from nearby Spanish Town.
Even so it is nice to be back in the Virgin Islands. I have been here three times before, and I have many fond memories. Special greetings to all the Larsens that were here with us the last time. We will take a look at their place in Cane Garden Bay before we move on.
jfm 07.03.13

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