Necesity is in Isla Isabel near San Blas

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Mon 21 Mar 2011 20:15
Our position is 21:50:55N 105:52:94W
Eva is home in Norway while I am sailing Necessity down to Costa Rica - slowly. With me onboard is Ken from Chula Vista in California. Later on Mike from British Columbia will join us as well. Both Mike and Ken have been onboard before. We are having a great time so far.
Isla Isabel is a surprising island - a kind of Galapagos in miniature. Galapagos because there are blue footed boobies here. There are also thousands of frigate birds and sea gulls. The lizards are here in force, but I have not seen them swim like in Galapagos. It is an interesting island which a few years ago even had a Norwegian research station. I don't know why, or what they did study. Most likely it was marine biology, or possibly the blue footed boobies. The research station is gone - there is simply not a trace. It means, I guess, that they tidied up.
The trip down from Mazatlan was a nice overnight sail. Too little wind for much of the sail, but it was a beautiful night with a full moon. Here, finally, the water temperature is up to a sensible 22C (74F). Very enjoyable.
jfm 21.03.11