Necessity is in Neah Bay (Cape Flattery)

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Fri 17 Sep 2010 16:22
Our position is 48:22:48N 124:36:42W
We don't know what this place is like yet. Two days of motoring in the fog brought us here. This is where the Straight of Juan de Fuca ends and the Pacific begins. Now we wait for the weather. It needs to be a little more appropriate with northerly winds, and please let us get rid of the fog. The radar needs a rest, and we need to see a little more than the boat.
At the moment Necessity is anchored out in the bay. In a couple of hours we will move into the marina. We look forward to exploring the place. This is a native settlement for the Makah indians. There is no cell phone coverage, but there seems to be some internet.
The latest on the weather front indicate that we may be here for a couple of day.
Jan Fr. 17.09.10