Necessity is in Rouzes Brook in Newfoundland

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Fri 28 Jun 2013 10:25
Our position is 48:28:61N 59:11:99W
This is not where we intended to go, but the sea yesterday was such that progress was slow - and uncomfortable. We found this place in our sailing directions and assumed that the place was actually here. The charts, both Navionics and C-map showed nothing (shame on them), but the place was indeed here. We are now moored behind a breakwater in a very small harbour. It was tricky getting in, particularly at low tide. Necessity actually hit bottom, though very lightly. We are not going out again on low tide. The weather has not been cooperative lately, but today the wind is forecasted to shift first south, then southwest. That is much better for us. The downside is that the wind brings rain and maybe some fog tomorrow afternoon. The latter is not so good since we are entering an area of icebergs. The next stop will be before the fog comes our way. We also hope that the southerly wind will blow the icebergs out to sea towards Labrador. Fortunately we have good weather and ice forecasts.
Jan Fr. 28.06.13

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