Necessity is in route to French Gayana

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Sun 18 Nov 2012 11:13
Our position is 00:40:00S 41:53:00W
We are getting very close to the equator. The next report is likely to come from the northern hemisphere. By then we will also have passed the half way point to French Guyana.
The wind has been good and the going has been very fast. That is not least due to a strong current behind us. This is the current that "pumps up" the Caribbean and causes the Gulf Stream. For a while we were up to 200nm miles a day. Now it is back down as we passes the bight off the Amazon delta.
Yesterday solved one problem. Provisioning in Natal wasn't very good, so we were a little short on good dinners along the way. A nice 5kg dorado solved that problem. Per-Eirk has been fishing a lot, so this one was deserved.
jfm 18.11.12

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