Thu 24 Sep 2020 07:36
The big news is that Josh decided to go back to South Africa.  He was concerned about getting home from the Caribbean with the current situation!  Another casualty of Covid 19.  It is sad but we will be fine sailing with three, as we were sailing down to New Zealand.
On a more positive note, the inverter is fitted and working.  It is not configured quite how I would like it to be but I am working on that.  So now we are very focused on getting the boat ready to leave on the 19th October.
Life here has continued to bring blessings.  We decided to go Freediving with a friend who is a qualified trainer.  Well worth the money, he taught Gill to duck dive and helped me to control my fears!  We have been again and heard whale song, how cool is that.  It was a first for us, many sightings but never actually heard them before.
Yesterday, while sat outside the Yacht Club with a cold beer, we spotted a whale lying on the surface and gently blowing, just beyond the moored boats.  Great joy, especially when she proceeded to dive and leave her tail hanging in the air.  Then she and her calf started breaching, it was as if she was teaching the little one.  As we all stood at the edge of the wharf watching Jake mentioned that someone could be robbing the Yacht Club blind and no one would notice....we didn’t turn round to check, just continued to stand mesmerised by the sight of two such beautiful animals and their antics.
Fair winds
Alasdair, Gill and Carmen 

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