Wed 31 Aug 2016 21:53
"16.35.660S 151.32.695W"
Having a weekend off boat repairs and doing a circuit of Tahaa.
The engine is running OK but won't start due to a shagged solenoid and who knows hat the long term damage might be. The watermaker is untouched....waiting for the insurance company to decide if they are going to cover it... the trouble is we are running out of time to order it before we have to leave!
On Friday we were invited to the boat yard works drinks...note to self...don't start drinking at noon, carry on all afternoon and into the evening with no food! It is fair o sy that I was quite drunk... But a great time and good to socialise with the guys
However we are anchored off a most beautiful group of Motus (reef islands) which apparently have a beautiful coral garden to snorkel over!
Fair winds...
Alasdair, Gill and the Manleys.

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