Nearly there.....

Sun 22 Apr 2018 03:27
"35.43.64S 174.20.00E"
Highlights for this week
Cian, one of my new crew has landed in New Zealand and is visiting his cousin in Wellington
Maura and Ignacio my other two crew members have their Australian visa and their tickets booked, they arrive Wednesday. Hopefully they can be persuaded to look round Auckland etc for 36 hours while we get the boat back into the water and squared away
Eight new skin fittings are in, just need to fit the seacocks and hoses. The other eight will wait till England.
The SSB is installed and working, just need to connect the Pactor modem. I will install the software at the Bach on Saturday.
The windlass has been checked and is working fine. I do need to repaint the anchor though!
All the lines and bags have been cleaned and are back in position
The stainless has all been cleaned.
We have managed our three mile walk everyday
I got a year older.....
Still to do.
The generator needs reinstalling
The water maker needs reinstalling
The little jobs above all need doing
The boat needs tidying, you can't really get forward of the mast down below, and that is where the crew sleep...
I have also purchased an emergency handheld water maker. Hard work and lots of calories to use but I feel that if in a life raft, clean water is paramount! I think my Grab Bag is now up to scratch, well actually it is five bags but who's counting.
Feeling pretty confident. Now however the dawning realisation that in less than two weeks my very lovely wife will be flying home and I won't see her for five months! The bears tell me that they have been calling in favours all over the world. So if over the coming months your teddy bear is a little vacant he is probably sending love down the bearwaves to keep my bears and Gill's bears topped up with love. Teddy bears are little and they can't hold enough love for real emergency, that's why they rely on each other via the bearwaves!
Fair winds
Love Alasdair

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