Thoughts from a night watch

Wed 5 Jun 2013 18:44
"37.31.29N 08.57.01W"
Sat here in the cockpit with just Habitat to keep me company and the Watch Commander to make sure I look out every few minutes I thought I would try and explain how I feel....
Where to start, it is unbelievably awesome I am looking out over a flat calm ocean and watching the sun set, OK so it would be better if we actually had wind but even so we both know how incredibly privileged we are to be here and to be able to experience this.
Yesterday we watched a submarine come past us, maybe 300 metres away, they are an unusual sight I have never seen one that close.
We move slowly from place to place and as we do the temperature increases, and the water gets warmer. But most of all we visit amazing places. I am not a sightseer by nature so a day or two in a place is plenty for me.
I watched the sunset out to sea and this morning watched it rise over the Algarve, just magical.
The wind has been very difficult and we have had to motor much more than I would have liked on this passage but we have sailed a lot too. We set the big asymmetric with the main and the mizzen for awhile and that worked well. We are slowly getting the hang of how everything works together and it has been great fun experimenting. Even Gill is enjoying new sail combinations but she won't admit it!!
We have met some great people but real ships in the night. You see them for awhile and then they are gone.... We miss family and friends, please do come and see us. It is hard knowing that people need you at home and that you are not there, but you are often in our thoughts.
Not sure I will ever be any good at this writing but I will continue to try.....
Have fun
Alasdair, Gill,, Habitat, Pickles and Star Charger

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