Sun 8 May 2016 21:57
"00.57.949S 90.57.71W"
Well, here we are stuck in the middle of nowhere waiting for parts.... How magical!
We are anchored in our own wildlife reserve, everyday we watch penguins swimming, with sharks and sea lions. The turtles rise on a regular basis and the birds are beautiful.
We see huge rays swimming and on land we have seen giant tortoises in the wild.
Yesterday we hired bikes and cycled to the wall of tears. There was a penal colony here in the 1940s and 50s mainly for political prisoners. They were forced to build a huge wall out of rock and then dismantle it! It is frightening how we treat our fellow man sometimes!
Isobela is by far our favourite island in this chain. It has packed sand streets, no Cashpoint and everything is very relaxed, and the anchorage is, apart from beautiful, very secure and calm....
Sadly we intend to leave here on Wednesday to go back to Santa Cruz to collect the parts....
Take care
Alasdair and Gill

+447710 197949

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