IGrace Darling......and Ivan "11.59.65N 61.45.73W"

Sun 7 Sep 2014 19:19
OK so Grace Darling was on the Longstone Lighthouse but this day in 1838 she rowed with her father to rescue the stricken boat the SS Farforshire (I think....maybe wrong on the name). But a great feat of courage and strength from an 18 year old Victorian girl such a shame she died of TB only three years later... We should remember her, she helped to create an environment where the RNLI could survive on donations alone.
Ten years ago today Hurricane Ivan ripped through Grenada, we watch the weather daily and monitor all activity that might develop.
The dogs continue to dominate our lives, Taishie is getting big! Jester and I had a great Hash yesterday, perfect for him two swollen rivers to ford....he couldn't understand what the problem was. Just jump in and swim across.
When we left England nearly 18 months ago I did not know what to expect or how I would change but I knew I would as we experienced so many new things. We have many friends now from around the globe as one might expect! Most seem to be English speaking but we have good friends who are French and German speaking too. It is great how easily people can mix if they have the desire to do so.
What I would never have expected was a cure for my fear of dogs. I am and always will be a little nervous of strange and particularly strange, stray dogs. But I have now had two living on board for three weeks and one does of course meet other dogs and owners. Often on the beach I find myself with five or six dogs and no one else in sight and it is fine! Not sure I am ready for full on dog ownership yet but one day (unless I kidnap Jester of course!)
Only a couple of weeks till Josh and Becky come out, looking forward to that.
Take care and fair winds
Alasdair, Gill, Habitat, Pickles, Star Charger, Jester, Blancu and Taishie

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