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Mon 1 Dec 2014 01:31
Not quite a year in the Caribbean, but almost and back to where we started.....checking in at Port St Charles and then riding at anchor in the clear turquoise sea of Carlisle Bay with turtles swimming around the boat.
The time has gone so fast and yet we have packed so much into the time. We have met some lovely people, we have entertained friends and family and we have seen some awesome sights.
Sailing down to here on Saturday summed the Caribbean up for me. We know hardly anyone in Barbados. So when a boat was aiming for me at 8am I was concerned, as I altered course to avoid them they altered to engage me. Only when they were 25m away and a voice shouted "Alasdair.... Welcome to Barbados" did I recognise Dragon Magic the only boat here we know!
I think that my first ever sighting of a whale breaching will remain a highlight that for awesome moments will be hard to beat. It ranks up there with the moment I saw the sun go into Totality in as we watched from the Isles of Scilly all those years back!
I am trying to pull together a photograph album but there are so many great shots and some events never made it to camera. If I succeed I will have the album at home over Christmas, swing by and we will bore you with stories
Now we have two weeks to put the boat to bed and prepare it for Dicken to use in January....
But for now we will continue to enjoy the sunshine, swimming off the boat and great live music in the bars....
Have fun
Alasdair and Gill et Al

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