Waiting for the weather

Sat 18 Jan 2020 13:45
“33.58.00S 025.38.09E”
We are still in Port Elizabeth, waiting for a big blow to go through... at the moment we have on and off rain. The wind is due to pick up tomorrow, maybe 30-35 knots.  The next weather window to head towards Cape Town looks like Tuesday at the very earliest, we shall see.
As some of you maybe aware, England are playing South Africa in Port Elizabeth, so we all spent a happy day at the cricket yesterday. And what a great day it was too. 
Today I climbed the mast to check the rig.  All good, though the anchor light only has about two thirds of the LEDs working.  
Tonight I am taking Gill out to dinner for her birthday.
Fair winds
Alasdair and Gill

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